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The ACT website includes a number of resources for students, including being the location to register online for a national ACT test, view and send test scores, and engage in various test prep activities


The SAT website contains a place for registering for an exam and a program for practicing for the SAT exam.  Information regarding all of the CollegeBoard tests, including the PSAT, can be found at this site.  The CollegeBoard also has a financial calculator which is helpful in calculating the estimated family contribution (EFC) for college financial aid (this calculator is recommended by the Daniel's Fund to determine estimated eligibility).

Also, a free SAT Prep Program is available at and through Khan Academy, which is the site recommended by College Board.  Check one of them out!


The State of Colorado is utilizing the PSAT as one of the state assessments, so all freshmen and sophomores at Fowler High School will be taking the test in the spring.  Practice materials will be utilized in classrooms to prepare for the testing, but preparation materials can be purchased at your favorite bookstore or online at the PSAT website or through the preferred Khan Academy.


The Accuplacer exam is used to help schools and colleges place students into the courses for which they are academically prepared.  The following links are a sampling of websites with test preparation materials:

Mental Health Support
Colorado Crisis Services

Colorado Crisis Services provides "confidential and immediate support 24/7/365 for individuals in crisis and who are in need of professional help, information or referrals.  All calls are connected to a trained professional who will engage in immediate problem solving. . ."

Access by

  • calling 1-844-496-TALK (8255)
  • texting TALK to 38255
  • going online to


Southeast Health Group

Emergency line 24/7/365:  1-800-511-5446


Crisis line to receive assistance on almost any kind of crisis other than those for which someone should call 911 immediately.

NCAA Clearinghouse
Initial Eligibility Center

Students who are considering continuing their participation in athletics into the college setting should consider registering for the NCAA Clearinghouse after the first semester of their junior year.  There is a cost involved, and there are a number of tasks to be completed in the process, but it will make the process of exploring college athletics easier if this is done ahead of time.


Frequently Asked Questions:

I see this question as I am trying to register:  Have you ever taken a college course at a junior college, community college, two-year college, or four-year college?  How do I answer it?

  • If you are taking a concurrent credit course (where you receive college and high school credit at the same time for a course taught on Fowler High School's campus), answer, "No."
  • If you are taking a class from the college, either online directly from a college or on a college campus, answer, "Yes," and be sure to request that a college transcript is sent to the Clearinghouse from the college.


I am taking an online class.  Do I need to do something special when I am registering on Clearinghouse?

  • If you will need your online class to meet the Clearinghouse eligibility requirements, then yes.  You will need to report that you took an online class when asked and then will need to have transcripts from the online school sent to Clearinghouse.
  • If you will not need your online class to meet the eligibility requirements, then no.  Your online class will be recorded once the school year is completed on your Fowler High School transcript.